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HairMax is a technology company dedicated to improving and enriching lives by incorporating the science of hair growth into every product we sell. We never forget that behind each sale is a real person who has placed their trust in us, someone frustrated by hair loss and suffering from a blow to their confidence or self-esteem. We honor this trust by respecting our customers' concerns, helping them feel better about themselves and offering world class customer support along with high quality solutions.

Our Core Values

Customers Always Come First

Without customers we don't have a business. Our dedicated employees are inspired by helping customers improve their lives, and they understand that when they put customers first, everybody wins.

Commitment to Innovation

Since its inception in 2000, HairMax has delivered on its commitment to innovation by continually expanding its line of laser devices, density hair care, hair fibers & nutritional supplements.

Invest Heavily in Scientific Research

To date HairMax has invested in seven clinical studies at prestigious universities. These results have been published in five peer-reviewed medical journals.

Manufacturing Standards

Our products meet or exceed legal requirements. We apply rigorous quality management & compliance with all regulatory requirements, ensuring the highest possible standards.

Over 1.6+ Million

Laser Devices WORLDWIDE

With over 1.6 million laser devices sold in 170 countries since our founding in 2000, we have earned the distinction of being the undisputed leading global brand in at-home hair growth technology. The distinction endures because we continually raise the bar for each and every one of our products, which range from lasers to our proprietary hair care products and nutritional supplements. We go the extra mile to ensure that every product we develop and market conforms to the highest quality standards.

Competitors have come and gone while we have thrived by staying true to our commitment to provide the best products and services anywhere in the world. At HairMax, helping people re-grow their hair is not a sideline; it's the driving force behind everything we do. Our total focus. No exceptions. All we think about. Every day

We are one of only 14 manufacturing firms nationally to receive this highest government recognition for export activity from President Obama's administration. Lexington International LLC., Receives Prestigious 2009 U.S. President's E Award Recognizing Export Excellence.

Leadership Team

David Michaels
Co-Founder/Managing Director
Alena Michaels
Co-Founder/Art Director
Randy Veliky
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Smeriglio
Executive Director
David Epstein
Chief Financial Officer
Francesca Dubsky
Marketing Director
Levi Goldman
Corporate Counsel
Leonard Stillman
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Larry Swenson
Strategic Advisor
Agnes Ptak
APAC Business Manager
Marzena Grzejda
Poland & Eastern Europe Representative
Ozden Kaymakli
Middle East Representative - Istanbul
Mevhibe Kılıç
Middle East Representative - Istanbul
Timothy Richards
Director of eCommerce & Amazon Global Channels

Sales & Customer Service Team

Roxanna Santana
Sales & Customer Service Representative
Cheryl LeFever
Call Center Manager/Customer Service Supervisor
Greg Riofrio
Customer Service Manager
Christopher Latorre
Sales Account Manager
Michael Granata

Marketing Team

Bruno Maya
Director of E-Commerce Strategy & Creative
Jessica Rivera
Graphic Designer
Brian Rivera
Web & Graphic Artist
Trey Daugherty
Senior UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer
Fayanne Serphos
Marketing Project Manager

Production, Quality & Fulfillment Team

Sergio Borjas
Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance Manager
Stacey Freels
Strategic Sourcing and Materials Manager
Miguel Aquino
Justin Shaw
Logistics and Wholesale Shipping Manager
Susan Cerasani
Quality Assurance Inspector
Emily Quach
Manufacturing Technician
Danuta Rudzinska
Manufacturing Technician
Jomarie Cameron
Manufacturing Technician
Irena Glowacka
Manufacturing Technician
Anthony Austin
Production Manager
Vesna Hrabar
Production Technician
LeDerik Sirmans
Ezequiel Perez

Personal Story

As one of the Directors of the company, I had my first introduction to laser therapy for baldness in 1999, at our founder's Laser Hair Clinic. At that time, I was 35 years old and had already been experiencing hair loss for five years. I had tried everything from topical solutions (which I found to be very inconvenient and messy - my hair looked worse than ever!) to vitamin supplements. Nothing worked. Then I heard about Laser Therapy. Laser Photo-Therapy, as it is referred to in the medical community, is a safe, effective therapy to treat hair loss without any reported side effects.

Soon after I started laser treatments at the Sydney Hair Clinic, my hair became thicker and fuller, my hair loss subsided and I re-grew a significant amount of lost hair. I also experienced a dramatic improvement in the condition of my hair and my dandruff also subsided. I was so amazed at the results that I began a working relationship with the founder of the Laser Hair Clinic, who was a pioneer in the use of Laser Photo-Therapy for hair. The idea of the HairMax LaserComb was born. We joined efforts to develop a prototype of an affordable hand-held laser therapy device for baldness treatment so everyone could experience the same exciting results that I had experienced. After several years of research, design and development, our efforts resulted in the HairMax LaserComb.

At Lexington International, our primary focus is to assist individuals suffering from the emotional affects of hair loss. Positive customer experiences as well as user satisfaction are our primary goals. We hope that after you have read this material, you will decide to try the HairMax LaserComb for yourself. It has worked successfully not only for me, but for tens of thousands of men and women just like you.