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Instant Hair Transformation

94% Reported Their Hair is Healthier*

The Density Hair Care System is scientifically innovative and encompasses a unique, proprietary blend of bio-active ingredients designed to deliver maximum results for thinning and lifeless hair.



STIMUL8 Shampoo is the first step in the Density Hair Care System. Scientifically developed to revive the scalp, the deep cleansing effect and moisture binding properties prepares the scalp to receive the micro-encapsulated active ingredients, allowing for optimal delivery into the hair follicle for fuller looking hair.

A unique blend of essential oils invigorates your scalp for a clean and refreshing experience.



EXHILAR8 Conditioner, with NRG8-pLEX™, propels conditioning to a higher level. Our thirst quenching formula infuses the hydration your thinning hair craves. It helps prevent breakage and protects your hair from damage caused by heat, styling and environmental stress.

Sealing in essential nutrients, this hair rejuvenating formula fortifies each strand, leaving your hair looking fuller, healthier and stronger.


Hair Booster + Nutrients

ACCELER8 Hair Booster + Nutrients truly lives by its name! Scientifically formulated with nutrient rich NRG8-pLEX, a unique light activated ingredient and four sources of energy, this cutting-edge leave-in booster thickens to provide lift at the root.

ACCELER8 Hair Booster + Nutrients directly targets hair and scalp, accelerating your hair transformation to fuller, voluminous looking locks!


Pro Scalp Treatment

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. RSN8 Pro Scalp Treatment applies the latest in skin care research to your scalp to provide a strong foundation for the feel, texture, growth and volume of your hair. A concentrated blend of peptides, nutrients and vital extracts assist in laying the groundwork for healthy hair development and root grounding.

RSN8 Pro Scalp Treatment provides the infrastructure to support a youthful scalp, helps to fight the signs of biological aging and encourages a healthy hair cycle.

*Based on a 42 day independent consumer study with 105 participants using HairMax for Density STIMUL8 Shampoo, EXHILAR8 Conditioner and the ACCELER8 Hair Booster 3 days per week.
Targeted Liposome Delivery System
HairMax Density takes hair science to a new level with a targeted liposome delivery system that focuses on hair and biological aging of the skin. Our liposome technology maximizes the penetration of the active ingredients to transform thinning, lifeless hair into thicker, fuller more voluminous looking locks!

You Will Love HairMax Density, We Guarantee It!**

We’re confident that the HairMax Density hair care system will help you achieve quick improvements in the feel, texture, overall health and growth of your hair. You will also love the scent of our signature blend of essential oils. Mostly we are hopeful that the Density collection will become one of your favorites.

This guarantee applies to any HairMax Density purchases made directly through HairMax. Receive a full refund, less shipping and handling. **Any free gifts you received are yours to keep, so enjoy!